Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Herbet Hercules and the aliens in the crevasses

A long time ago in the land of New Zealand there was a hero called Herbert Hercules who always saved the city from danger. Everyone knew who Herbert Hercules was. One day Herbert Hercules was in his cave and he got a beep on his cell phone and it said. Help New Zealand I have found rock slime or just slime on the rocks, come to the penguin colony but I can’t come because I am to busy sorry. So Herbert Hercules flew to the seen. Anyway Herbert Hercules has a red cape, a shield, he can hold his breathe for a long time; he has x-ray vision and can fly.

Hercules was finally at the crime scene and found green stuff on the rocks. Hercules touched it and he knew it was slime, so Hercules jumped into the water because he had a heated suit. As Hercules got deeper he realised that there were not much fish swimming around. When Hercules was at the bottom he saw his friend the sea egg sucker and the sea egg sucker told Hercules that there were strange noises coming from inside the crevasses.

Herbert Hercules was shocked to see aliens in the crevasses and he noticed there were trying to lay as many eggs as possible to take over the world. So Herbert Hercules told the sea egg sucker to get all of his friends and to start eating the eggs while I destroy the crevasses. Herbert Hercules got his tanks and started burning the crevasses. A minute later the eggs were all gone, the sea egg suckers were gone and the crevasses had exploded.

The explosion caused a tilde wave the came upon the penguin colony and swept all the
penguins out to the sea and the penguins realised it was safe to fish again and Herbert Hercules got a medal for saving new Zealand and he got a new car with a spoiler and he drove towards the sun.
By Charlie    

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  1. Ha ha, we loved reading these fascinating stories!

    From the Gilberts