Sunday, 14 April 2013

Even more creative writing

1      How do you sneeze? This time write a metaphor which is saying something is something else.
Zach: My nose exploded and grass went everywhere.
Kate: My nose burst and rocky rocks fell into my warm tissue.
Monique: My nose was a gun shooting a bullet.
Laura: When I sneeze it sends a heat wave across the world and the world coughs in shock and blows up.
Arden: My nose pulled back and mac and cheese sloped out of it.
Anton: My nose burst and rainwater gushed everywhere.
Timothy: When I sneeze it explodes with the force of a nuclear bomb.
Tannar: My nose exploded like when the peas were in the pot.
Daniel: My snot took off as a spaceship would.
Madaleine: My nose is a mouse squeaking.
Ty Vince: My snot was spaghetti.
Tylah Nicholson: My nose exploded and seaweed comes out everywhere.
Darcy: My snot it gravy.
Ben B: My nose explodes and eggs shot everywhere, mashed together with seaweed.
Niveek: My nose got excited and exploded with shining gold and other germs. I should sneeze more often.
Mekeisha: My nose blew up like a bomb and all these bits of metal shot everywhere.
Nina: My nose exploded and my brother had little slimy green things all over his face.
Joel: My nose is a machine gun ready to fire snot like sticky gloop.
Trish: My nose blows up and spits goo everywhere.
Tess: My snot is sticky chewing Gum.
Aarran: My nose exploded like TNT.
Siva: All of a sudden my nose exploded, and then green slimy little balls fall out!
Tyler R: My snot is a gun firing out.

More Creative Writing

       Imagine you have swallowed some snot, yuck, what food does it taste like?
Monique: My snot tastes like salty fried grass with rotten eggs and dogs turds on top! So double Yuck.
Ben C: My snot is as sticky as old gum but when I swallow it slowly goes down to my gut.
Laura: My snot tastes like a smoothie mix with onions, avocado, cinnamon, mashed tomatoes and saltwater!
Mannix: My snot is like eating old cheese and strawberry all together.
Maddsion: My snot tastes like freshly cut grass clippings and lemon mixed all together.
Zach: My snot tastes like burnt salami.
Timothy: My snot tastes like peas.
Tannar: It would taste like mouldy old cheese when you eat it and sea salt on top, triple yuck.
Daniel: My snot tastes like burnt peas.
Madaleine: It tastes like eggs, ABSOLUTELY RESISTABLE.
Ty Vince: It tastes like cold green pea soup.
Darcy: Chocolate cake mixed with marmite.
Ben B: My snot tastes like garbage out of the dump.
Niveek: It’s a snail slithering down your throat and it leaves an after taste of plastic.
Mekeisha: My snot tastes like mushrooms and zucchinis deep fried in snot, I want to vomit.
Nina: My snot tastes like throw up and slimy gloop, Argggghhhh.
Angus: My snot tastes like rotten eggs fried with too much salt.
Joel: My snot taste like left overs of cold slimy spaghetti.
Trish: My snot tastes like old scrambled eggs left for weeks, put in a blender with old brussel sprouts, triple yuck.
Tess: Cough, cough. Yuck I can taste mouldy cheese.
Aarran: My snot tastes like raw eggs, coconut milk, and a pine cone blended together (triple yuck).
Siva: My snot tastes like drippy slimy smoothies blended together, yuck.
Tyler R: My snot tastes like rotten eggs that have been boiled.

Creative Writing with Mrs McNally

As a class Kahikatea have been crafting some creative writing. They have been discussing that there are two kinds of writers; the ones who worry a lot and don’t write much and those who puke and write pages and pages without stopping to catch a breath. Sometimes we are one kind of writer one day and another the next and that is okay. The thing about writing Kahikatea discovered is that sometimes you need to write some rubbish in order to get some great ideas.
So Kahikatea started by practising the art of writing puke, not worrying about what they wrote but just letting the ideas flow. They did this by doing some three minute brainstorms on ‘chewing gum’ and ‘eggs’.
Next through the context of ‘snot’ they wrote similes and metaphors about all kinds of ‘snot’ experiences. Very gross indeed but nonetheless incredibly creative. Take a look at some of the wonderful ideas Kahikatea children wrote about ‘Snot’. Be prepared to be disgusted.
1     You have a cold-What colour is your snot. Compare it to something else, create a simile.
Monique: My snot is like seaweed that has been sitting there for 10 years.
Laura: My snot it like melting ice cream on a sunny day.
Anton: My snot is like the colour of grain except more gooey.
Timothy: My snot is like the colour of freshly cut grass combined with the colour of the sun.
Tannar: My snot is as green as a trees leaves when they fall off, and they are getting blended.
Daniel: My snot is like wet green grass.
Madaleine: My snot is like the Planet Venus in a heat wave.
Ty Vince: My snot is as yellow and green as mint chewing gum.
Tylah Nicholson: My snot is like green water pouring out of my nose on a Winter’s day.
Tylah Nicholson: My snot is like seaweed slipping out of my nose.
Ben B: My snot is as green as the palms of a palm tree.
Niveek: My snot is as green as the leaves, as gooey as slime.
Mekeisha: My snot is like a little bundle of hay all wrapped in green lovely grass.
Nina: My snot is like freshly un ripened tomatoes.
Angus: My snot is like freshly cut flax.
Joel: My snot goes as runny as Usain Bolt at the Olympics.
Trish: My snot is like a candle dripping nonstop.
Tess: My snot is as yellow as the Autumn leaves.
Aarran: My snot is like green grass blended into juices.
Siva: My snot is like a Tornado as you pick your nose.
Tyler R: My snot is as green as grass

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Today at news time, two groups of girls shared their cup songs that they have been working on. We really enjoyed seeing them perform for us.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Alex's Transformation

Today we had some excitement in Kahikatea. Alex our caterpillar who has been in a chrysalis for some time turned into a butterfly this morning.