Monday, 25 November 2013

Poetry Inspired by Laura Ranger

We read a poem by Laura Ranger today, then we noticed some of the things she did. We then explored outside to find some nouns and vebs about spring. These are some of the poems we wrote:

The wind talks to us using its morning whistle
Yellow flowers rise from its roots as we speak
Lambs frolic around in their green grassy paddocks
Children are playing like a piano at a music festival
By Madaleine

Trees bloom with laughter
as the blossom appears.
Lambs bounce on the flower
fields like a trampoline.
The sun sprinkles warmth on
the long grass.
Wind whispers in my ear as
the grass rustles.
By Kate

The sun shines over our flowers blooming
The lambs play on the grass
The trees are swaying in the sky
The children play in the fields
By Mannix

The snow dropped like flies
The snowman shone everywhere
The wind was as hard as a loader
The rain glistened as it came down
By Ty

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Monday, 18 November 2013

EOTC descriptive writing

We are learning how to show not tell when we are writing. We wrote these fantastic descriptive paragraphs abour our EOTC experiences.

Splash! I fall into the clear cold soft bed. I flipped and popped back up. I climb on the floating bowl and help my team back on. We pushed back the hard wall. The water rushed off me as I climbed out.
I took off my life jacket and dove back in to play.
By Tess

It was a gut wrenching moment I had never ever been this high before. I stood at the edge of the rock shaking in my boots. I took a massive breath as I started moving a little bit. But this was too much for me, I couldn’t do it, so instead I went down with Miss Tangney. I felt much more secure because when you leant back the harness felt like it would break and you would fall from the top of the rock. As I think back to this gut wrenching, but awesome day I am proud of myself because I overcame my fear of heights.
By Mekeisha            
The ropes burned down my legs. I tripped too scared to look down. I heard people’s voices cheering me on. I could feel the adrenaline making my hands burn.
I started to feel the fear taking over as I calmed down I touched the smooth, ever-green grass.
I ran up the steep rock which was as hard as steel. When I got down I wanted to relive the last 10 minutes.
By Abigail

My heart was pumping as I looked down towards the ground. I felt like a wild cow when you try to walk up to it. The sound was like a million buzzy bees flying around in your brain it made me scared. Then all of a sudden my feet were touching the ground. I felt proud of myself.
By Tannah

I peered over the rock I was vibrating in fear as if I was in an earthquake. I stood in muteness and dared not look down the immense rock. My hands were slippery that I couldn’t get a good grip on the rope. My stomach was rumbling louder than it ever had. My eyes went all watery and teardrops started to roll down my puffy cheeks as if it was a waterfall.
By Siva

“Jump!” Yelled a person from the crowd, they were looking at me like seagulls with their cameras out ready to take a picture of me failing! Down I go! One steady foot on a glass window at a time and before I knew it I was on the ground at last.
By Laura

I went up and up pulling all my weight. My hand slipped and I fell, but wait I was being lowered down. When I got to the bottom I said, “That was amazing!!”
By Zach

I was stuttering with fear as I peered over the step ledge, I slowly climbed down with rope burn spreading like a bush fire. I kept saying to myself, don’t look down.
By Nina

The world tipped as I walked down the castle it was life or death. Luckily our instructor chose life.
My hands felt like a waterfall was pouring out of them. Thump! I did it I’m alive.
By Darcy

Rob called my name it was my turn. One part of my body was pumped up but another part wanted to run away. I was standing on the edge of the rock my legs were shaking just like a milkshake. My hands were sweaty like I was running a marathon, I was terrified. I took one deep breath and I was off. I took one step down, I had the butterflies around me I had the hang of it. Then I was going too fast and I slipped, but I carried on. After a while I was on the ground, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so proud of myself.
By Trish

The rock looked small from the ground but when you’re on the rock it is so high.
When you lean back and you feel like you are going to fall, but you don’t, you just go down the rock and let the rope slide through your hands and you’re at the bottom of the rock.
By Daniel

I peeked down the rock with terror, my heart was beating fast with weakness around it. My fears were in my lungs I was freaking my soul out of my body. Scared, yes; Scared of crushing my bones.
By Aarran

When you look in the climbers eyes you can tell if they’re shaking like an earthquake, getting worse by the second till they get to the top. Then it’s my go, I’ve never felt so eager to climb a wall in my life.
By Ben C

My legs were shaking I didn’t wasn’t to go down. It doesn’t look tall from down on the ground. All the way at the top it looks petrifying. I was as scared as a flea just about to be squashed. When I was past halfway I began to enjoy it and went faster.
By Charlie

I stood on the edge of death as I tried to climb the sky scraper. My legs and arms were numb it felt like they were going to slip off. I could taste my sweat as it rolled down my fiery cheeks. I was almost to the top but I slipped and tumbled down, but luckily my friends had me and rescued me to safety.
By Utu

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Metaphor Name Poems

Anton is useful
He is a bolt in soccer tackles
He is a super maths calculator
He is a rubber and pencil sharpener supplier
He is a book waiting to be read
He is a case of energy
Anton is everything
By Anton

Laura is random
She is blue gravy poured over orange potatoes
She is a soggy paper clipping out of Santa’s newspaper
She is a white fluffy cloud floating over a hill
She is a dog that eats rabbit and cat food
Laura is creative
By Madaleine

Niveek is dramatic
She is Shortland street
She is a screaming baby
She is thunder and lightning
She is a busy hospital
Niveek is a fire ball
By Niveek

Ardan is geeky
He is a vampire afraid to go outside
He is a bear almost ready to hibernate
He is a PlayStation 3 magazine
He is a pixelated image on a screen
Ardan is nerdy
By Ardan

Joel is intelligent
He is a speedy Ferrari
He is a tray full of awesomeness
He is a calculator
He is a 1E5 maths book and pencil
Joel is brainy
By Joel

Friday, 1 November 2013


These are some of our first tries at writing a Limerick.

There was a girl called Kate
She had an important birthdate,
But she forgot to bring a present
So it wasn’t very pleasant.
Then she got smashed by her mate.
By Kate

There once was a boy called Luch
He loved to collect lollies, although he didn’t have much.
There was all sorts of candy,
He was still proud and dandy,
No one could steal them from his strong clutch.
By Joel

There was a man who was a goon
Who fell by the hands of a spoon.
The owner got quite a surprise
He had won first prize,
Then said “This prize was meant for a spoon!”
By Anton