Sunday, 14 April 2013

Even more creative writing

1      How do you sneeze? This time write a metaphor which is saying something is something else.
Zach: My nose exploded and grass went everywhere.
Kate: My nose burst and rocky rocks fell into my warm tissue.
Monique: My nose was a gun shooting a bullet.
Laura: When I sneeze it sends a heat wave across the world and the world coughs in shock and blows up.
Arden: My nose pulled back and mac and cheese sloped out of it.
Anton: My nose burst and rainwater gushed everywhere.
Timothy: When I sneeze it explodes with the force of a nuclear bomb.
Tannar: My nose exploded like when the peas were in the pot.
Daniel: My snot took off as a spaceship would.
Madaleine: My nose is a mouse squeaking.
Ty Vince: My snot was spaghetti.
Tylah Nicholson: My nose exploded and seaweed comes out everywhere.
Darcy: My snot it gravy.
Ben B: My nose explodes and eggs shot everywhere, mashed together with seaweed.
Niveek: My nose got excited and exploded with shining gold and other germs. I should sneeze more often.
Mekeisha: My nose blew up like a bomb and all these bits of metal shot everywhere.
Nina: My nose exploded and my brother had little slimy green things all over his face.
Joel: My nose is a machine gun ready to fire snot like sticky gloop.
Trish: My nose blows up and spits goo everywhere.
Tess: My snot is sticky chewing Gum.
Aarran: My nose exploded like TNT.
Siva: All of a sudden my nose exploded, and then green slimy little balls fall out!
Tyler R: My snot is a gun firing out.

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