Sunday, 14 April 2013

More Creative Writing

       Imagine you have swallowed some snot, yuck, what food does it taste like?
Monique: My snot tastes like salty fried grass with rotten eggs and dogs turds on top! So double Yuck.
Ben C: My snot is as sticky as old gum but when I swallow it slowly goes down to my gut.
Laura: My snot tastes like a smoothie mix with onions, avocado, cinnamon, mashed tomatoes and saltwater!
Mannix: My snot is like eating old cheese and strawberry all together.
Maddsion: My snot tastes like freshly cut grass clippings and lemon mixed all together.
Zach: My snot tastes like burnt salami.
Timothy: My snot tastes like peas.
Tannar: It would taste like mouldy old cheese when you eat it and sea salt on top, triple yuck.
Daniel: My snot tastes like burnt peas.
Madaleine: It tastes like eggs, ABSOLUTELY RESISTABLE.
Ty Vince: It tastes like cold green pea soup.
Darcy: Chocolate cake mixed with marmite.
Ben B: My snot tastes like garbage out of the dump.
Niveek: It’s a snail slithering down your throat and it leaves an after taste of plastic.
Mekeisha: My snot tastes like mushrooms and zucchinis deep fried in snot, I want to vomit.
Nina: My snot tastes like throw up and slimy gloop, Argggghhhh.
Angus: My snot tastes like rotten eggs fried with too much salt.
Joel: My snot taste like left overs of cold slimy spaghetti.
Trish: My snot tastes like old scrambled eggs left for weeks, put in a blender with old brussel sprouts, triple yuck.
Tess: Cough, cough. Yuck I can taste mouldy cheese.
Aarran: My snot tastes like raw eggs, coconut milk, and a pine cone blended together (triple yuck).
Siva: My snot tastes like drippy slimy smoothies blended together, yuck.
Tyler R: My snot tastes like rotten eggs that have been boiled.

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