Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Lezies, Cronin and the Shield

Once upon a time there was a young god known as lezies, son of Zeus. Lezies had brown spiky hair and blue eyes , his nose was pointy and long. He wore a cape and a strap across his chest and was wearing a kilt, skirt like thing.
The young lezies was sent on a mission with his friend Cronin who had super strength and agility. The mission the two young boys were sent on was that they had to get back Zeus’s shield, that hadies god of the under world stole. The two Nobel boys have to show that its there destiny to be gods.

The boys got sent to earth by Zeus and that’s how there journey began. And a half man half goat was sent with them as a guide.
They got to the gates and saw a caribous, they knew they must defeat it. Lezuis made a strong wind to distract the caribous and then Cronin close lined it and killed it. They found a key and unlocked the gates to the under world. Guarding the door to Hadies house was a three headed dog. It was going to be a ambush the dog didn’t stand a chance, it was a quick attack all they did is freeze the dog with cold air. The dog had two invisibility coats, so they put on the coats and stole back the shield as fast a they could and claimed victory.
By Ty

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