Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tylah's Myth

Once upon a time in a land called WOW. There was a young bunny called Zap the great and powerful. He lives with his 5 sisters and 4 brothers. One day Zap got an assignment from his boss Mr Spikes. He has to save the town from being smashed from a robot.

One day Zap gets an assignment from boss MR Spikes .He has to kill a robot. So off he goes. He gets his cape on and his jet-pack. And fly’s away to town. He sees a robot at the mall and wonders why he’s there but he soon finds out. When he sees the robot pull the roof off and lots of people are trapped inside the mall. HE HAS TO SAVE THEM NOW!!THE BATLE begins.

Zap uses his first move, clouds of lightning bots. The robot uses

his laser beam eyes, but he miss .So Zap freezes him and pulls

his heart out. AND THE ROBOT DIES.

The town is safe to live another day while Zap still fights more bad things .

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