Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Battle by Mekeisha

Once there was a horse-person. She lived in a stable house. Her name was Bobet Wills. She loved to go on quests. But people thought she was an angel. But she was just like you and me, a normal horse person.
Bobet loves to play with her friends and family. She loves to play in the park the best of all.

Suddenly Scull Duggery Pleasant comes to see her and says “Jordan is in trouble, you need to go and rescue him otherwise he will die!” Ok I will go and find him!” Bobet exclaimed.
So Scull Duggery left the Mansion and hopped in his colourful Mercedes bends.
Bobet left her Mansion and hopped in her car. She set off on her journey. She crosses the London Bridge and runs into a big beast. His name is Sir Edmund Hilary. He can breathe fire, fly and ROAR like a dinosaur.
Bobet challenges him to a duel. Sir Edmund Hilary agrees to the duel. He says meet me back here at 4 o’clock tomorrow.
Bobet meets him back on the London Bridge at 4 on the dot. When she gets there he finds two Gods, Aphrodite and Zeus but no beast. The Gods give her two gifts; they’re wind force, and a machete sword.
Suddenly she heard the flapping of wings. She turned around and saw the beast coming towards her at lightning speed. She used wind force to keep him from coming at her. Bobet cries “Give me back my brother Jordan or else.”So he said where Jordan is but Bobet didn’t believe him. So she killed him and went and looked under the brig and found him in a little hut. Bobet was so happy to see him again. I hope that you can wait until the next story.

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