Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Meeks Grain Elevator by Nina

Nina Nina! Was all you could here in Oamaru in 1898 because a famous building called Meek grain elevator was getting burnt down.
It all started a long long time ago Meek grain elevator wanted to be the biggest and tallest building in Oamaru but everyone was sick of Meek grain elevator saying,
“More I wanted to be the best and tallest building in Oamaru”!
Everyone listened to him hopping he would shh it was 1897 went we got the 7th storey done.
A year pushed Meek grain elevator was still winning.
In 1898 the people in the old part of town were furious with rage to knock Meek grain elevator down then a little girl from the mob of angry people said,
“In stead of knock the building down we should burn the building down”    
So they did and meek grain elevator lost 4 stories and was very sad and angry with the people of Oamaru.
So Meeks grain elevator never ever talked again.

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