Monday, 23 September 2013

Wunks by Charlie

And the battle face 1
A long time ago in the land of wonks there was a king who always won his battles against the evil. All of the people who lived in king wonks village thanked him and gave him money. King wonk was very pleased and upgraded his castle to a 5 story. King Wunk has tiny feet and the biggest eyes anyone has ever seen. Everyone wanted to come into the castle so king wunk let them and King Wunk even let people bye motels and spend the night. The King even bought an arcade and all the people had tears in there eyes. All of the other kingdoms were jealous and that is what started the war.
The first day the other kingdom sent king wunk a letter saying. Dear Mr Wunk we are coming to destroy your kingdom in a month so be prepared. King -Wunk was very surprised that good people would try and destroy the castle but then king wunk realised that he had made his kingdom to flash “I want to make a word to the whole kingdom. People of my kingdom there is a war that is going to happen so men/boys over 15 will need to fight to defend our kingdom so start training.
It was very close to being a month and everyone was training hard and King Wunk was very pleased but today there was another letter. I hope you have been training hard because we are coming tomorrow. Today the battle had started; the king was piling everyone with the right gear and equipment. Suddenly they saw the other kingdom marching towards the other kingdom and then the king fainted. The king woke with a start and saw the other king and king wunk stabbed him.

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