Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mighty Mac

Long straight blonde strands are her hair. Soft blue ovals are her eyes. Invisibility, super strength and mermaid abilities, are her powers and her name is Mighty Mac.
What about her house? She lives on 13 Minec Rd, Rarotonga, Cook Islands in the tropical sun, warm summer breeze, deep blue sea and blinding sun.
There are lots of loud boats and cruise ships travelling past Rarotonga, oblivious to the small island right beside them. The ships are bellowing out strange and loud, disturbing noises when the people are sleeping.
The mayor, Ngaio Mellor, asked Mighty Mac to use her special powers and abilities to turn off the ship’s and boat’s horn.
On her journey she met the all-powerful, King Neptune, of the sea. He gave Mighty Mac the escam stone, which gave her the strength to make one wish. But one wish only. She wished for no harm on her way, there and back……But it didn’t work!
She came upon spikat, ruler of the enemies. He despised Mighty Mac as she had defeated him 7 times! It was time for his revenge. He was about to grab Mighty Mac but a hammerhead shark snuck up behind him and bonked him on the head. Spikat fell to the ground with a thump!
Mighty Mac was startled by the noise and the hammerhead shark told her everything. She thanked him lots for his helpful manoeuvre. The hammer head shark acknowledged “That’s alright you’d better get on your way! You’ve obviously got an important mission to get to!”
Mighty Mac swam to the scene where all the boats were at a halt. She used her invisibility to sneak through the captain’s room and used her super strength to smash the lock and turn off the engine.
She swam on home, to an excited crowd of people cheering. They all chanted “MIGHTY MAC, MIGHTY MAC!”
By Madaleine Mansfield  

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