Tuesday, 10 September 2013


A long long time ago before the time of the earth being recorded a young boy called Sunataro lived.

He lived in a town called Sinco linco, in Japan, he didn’t think much of himself and he wasn’t selfish. He wore green robes the colour of grass, had black hair like dark chocolate and brown eyes. He wore black sandals and owned a sword that had an eternal flame on the end of it; You can now see that he is a true warrior.

He was needed. The dark knights guards had robbed his village and stolen many of their goods. The town was furious with rage, but they couldn’t do anything unlike Sunataro. The King Ouron the great then asked him to get the treasure back and restore the pride and dignity of their town.

As a result of that Sunataro set off for the long trip to Beast Island with a pheasant. As he walked and walked he saw a magical apple tree, which he ate from and gained strength. He also saw a big well which he drank from.
But of course there are problems along the way; They were getting over the sea which is infested with sharks and crocodiles. Your probably wondering how he is going to manage it? The answer is by flying over it on his pheasant, who was capable of managing it with pride. Along the way he saw Zeus who gave him an eternal lightning bolt to defeat the plus man.

Once he had reached the dark knights castle he hopped on his pheasant and attacked with a surprise attack using his sword and lightning bolt.

Once the pheasant and Sunataro had killed all the guards, eventually they came to the plus man, Sunataro killed him without letting him recharge. Now all the guards were killed, only the king was left, he begged and begged for mercy.

Shortly Sunataro’s kind nature got the best of him and he bargained with the king until they came to an agreement that the guards would give all the treasure back and never sin and attack their town ever again. This lead to Sunataro returning to the town of Sinco Linco and returning all the goods. The people of the town rejoiced and thanked Sunataro for his efforts and his loyalty, they all partied and celebrated.

By Joel

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