Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Pink Wolf by Timothy

Once, years ago, there were no grey or white wolves, only pink ones that looked like they had been skinned and were living. This is the story of how they got their white and grey fur.
“Hawoo!” Raw was having a bad night. Raw was a sleek, pink and cold wolf that had been ignored by all the wolves in his clan. He was confused. He had gone out hunting and had met the old witch of the forest.

Raw crept along silently stalking his prey, careful not to startle it.
“Well, well, well just look at this a wolf stalking my very own pet bunny.”
Raw jumped surprised he could understand the old women standing behind him.
“How should I punish you?” The woman asked herself.
It was just then that Raw realised that the old woman was the witch of the forest.
“Wrrgrrrrr!”Raw growled.
“I’ve got an idea! How about you will stay pink and ugly and your fellow wolves will be sleek, grey and white! That sounds good”

The next day when Raw returned to his den he found that all the wolves were grey and white.
“Who are you?” one asked.
“Why, but I’m Raw! You know me!”
“Hahaha! That’s a good one Raw! Yep, you’re looking pretty Raw to me! Now, why don’t you go away to your own den.”
“Nicely put Dan! I couldn’t have done better!”
So with that Raw slunk away to somewhere far far away.

Bang! “Dang, I missed him!”
“Grrrr!” Growled Raw advancing on the hunters.
“Quick! Put a new bullet in and shoot him before he gets to us!”
One hunter loaded a gun and aimed it and shot, Bang!
“Hawhoooo!” Raw cried, the bullet biting into his chest.
“Hawhoo!” Came an answering cry.
Suddenly the area was filled with sleek grey wolves, when they who had cried, they turned their backs and ran off.

So that is why wolves are white or grey and you never see pink and white ones unless they’ve been skinned.

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