Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tannah's Recount

My holiday
Are Darcy and Madaleine here yet, I can’t wait until they get here, oh wait they are here. Now we can go into the movies, but we have to get some food to eat while we watch the movie. The movie starts we all go silent there’s a funny part oh wait that’s not a funny part that’s the funny part.
Wow that movie was awesome we need to go see that again sometime. Then we all say good bye and they left. I ask mum and dad what we are going to do they said that we are going to go to portside restaurant for a drink. So we stayed there until my brother’s movie was finished. Then Mum got a text from my brother saying come and pick me and Kim up. Mum replied start walking to the ware house we will come there.
At the ware house I brought a pair of boots that said $39.99 but when I paid for them they were $20 so it was on sale. My brother bought a set of sneakers, some lollies and something else. My Mum and Dad bought a set of squash rackets, they were on sale too.
After we went to the warehouse we went and got some lunch. We had some McDonalds, it was delicious but I was full so we kept it for the next day.

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