Sunday, 19 May 2013

Charlie's Recount


“Charlie? Go away Danny” I am trying to sleep in peace. But its Dads Birthday I gasped I can not believe it is finally Dads Birthday I get Danny to tell Dad I was awake and I started reading zombie bums from Uranus. My Grandparents were here for Dads 36th and I started it by helping dad around the farm and I think that made Dad happy. Later in the afternoon Dad said we were going to see the penguins and go out for tea. I was pretty happy to go and see the penguins and I thought they were going to be big Antarctica penguins but I was wrong hey were blue penguins at 30 cm tall! Dinner was great I got a ginger beer and Granddad was going to give me some of his black beer but Mum stopped him I was pretty disappointed.       

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