Sunday, 19 May 2013

Maddison's Recount

It’s time Laura’s birthday sleepover. Me and Mum arrived at Laura’s house at 3:00pm with all of my stuff and the mattress so off we drove on Friday 26th of April. It was time to go so we got in Suzanne’s car and went to the bowling. When we got there Nina and Kate were there. Then Darcy and Madaleine came and then Niveek came. Alannah and Holly were going to be a bit late.
Yes! It was time to go ten pin bowling! When it was my turn I picked up the bowling ball and bowled the ball and hit 3 pins. On my second bowl in that turn I hot 7 pins. My last bowl came around and I bowled 7 pins so my total was 82.
After the bowling Suzanne gave us $2 each and Madaleine and I played air hockey, Madaleine won 7 to 6.
Laura’s birthday was really really fun. My favourite part was bowling. I describe it as awesome.

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