Sunday, 19 May 2013

Niveek's Recount

Everyone start’s arriving I’m so excited Dad’s not here yet that’s great. We are at the Oamaru club at 7:30 at night April the 13th. We are having all having the most extraordinary surprise party for my Dad’s 40th.
 Dad does not suspect anything. It is also my Mum’s birthday, and Dad think’s at 8, O’clock he will come and take Mum out for her birthday dinner. Ding Ding Ding! 30 minutes later Dad arrives. Mum cried I’m going to get him. Mum found Dad and Mum exclaimed oh lets go and see how the function is going in the hall.
So they came down and Dad asked Mum what the function was, and Mum said it was a birthday. One minute later Mum walked in with Dad behind her .Oh says Dad he had saw Nina and Zach’s Dad John .Oh said Mum he must be at the party. Then he saw the sign … He went bright red. Dad burst into laughter Ebony Nisha and I sprinted over to him and hugged him. It made feel so happy.
 Dad’s party was amazing we had kept the secret for four months and I almost spilt the beans a few times. And it made all of our problems went to the back of our head’s. 

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