Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nina's Recount

 It all started this holidays my family went to the Gold Coast. We went to all five theme parks. My favourite park was Dreamworld, it had my favourite rides.
Zach and I haven’t been to the Gold Coast since we were six and that was five years ago.
Back to Dreamworld the first ride I went on was the claw. I ran as fast as I could because they were about to shut the gate. I sprinted through the gate and quickly sat down, I couldn’t wait. We went slowly side to side then it went fast, faster, faster. It was going so fast that gravity was pulling your face. It went so high you could see the whole of Dreamworld.
The next ride I went on was the wipeout I heard the guy say enjoy the ride. It went around in circles then it started doing forward flips and then backwards flips. OMG my hearts racing my tummy turns and I feel like I’m going to be sick and fall out of my seat.
I had an amazing time at Dreamworld and I wish I could go there again next year in the Christmas holidays.

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