Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Perf Dolphins and Jo-Jo by Trish

BOOM! And there he is the most surprising, insane, unbelievable purple penguin in the whole world it’s Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo is a purple his tummy is white he has blue eyes has a lot of personality’s.
Jo-Jo is playing with his friends and having a fun time. But here they come the perf dolphins they always think they are so perfect and make everyone else feel bad. Jo-Jo and his friends go to a sunny beach and play all day.5 hours later the perf dolphins go up to Jo-Jo and said “ what are you doing here your not perfect go away”. Said the perf dolphins. Jo-Jo was really hurt but he didn’t like what they said. It went on for a while. But one day Jo-Jo was going to tell them what he was feeling. So Jo-Jo went to the perf dolphins and said “stop being mean to me because no one is perfect so just stop it and leave me alone. The next day the perf dolphins stopped being mean and they stopped calling themselves the perf dolphins. The dolphins and Jo-Jo became friends and played all day.
My message was no one’s is perfect.

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