Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Shartzo the Hero by Laura

On the night Aphrodite went missing the police came to see who was there at the time.” She’s a mortal” said one of the police officers “yea she won’t die!” said another. Aphrodite was the goddess of love. She was from the peace kingdom. her father was zuse .the God of thunder and lighting .Aphrodite mother was unknown... Aphrodite had one daughter called shartzo.
Shartzo was a nice little girl. She didn’t think much of her self. Aphrodite didn’t care for shartzo like other mothers would because she had a big job to do...make everyone love everyone no matter what!
Shartzo was grateful for all she had but when her mother went missing she turned into a nasty little girl she hated some people that she was friends with and she vandalised.
Shartzo was staying with her grandfather. She then went up to him and asked him, “I want to go find my mother! Now!” Zuse then said “no! You are being very nasty! How could I trust you with the sword of justice!” the sword of justice was a very important sword it was the important sword of history!”I will change my ways, am being selfish...” mumbled shartzo “very well then...” said zuse
So shartzo went of to find his mother in the meadow because in that meadow there is a old creepy house... it’s a wreaked havoc! Shartzo then went inside the house and she saw a piece of paper on the ground... it was Aphrodite’s handwriting it said “come find me in the woods ASAP” shartzo then ran away.
Shartzo ran and ran and she saw something! A big monster it was as weird as a donkey and as fat as a pig! It then yelled at shartzo “I come in wonder, do you know me because no one knows me!” shartzo then ran away as fast as she could to the place Aphrodite said she was.
2 hours later after searching for ages, shartzo she then saw a person behind a tree she then ran up to it and hugged it. Then she said “mother oh mother I have found you at last!” then a creature turned around and it ran away! Shartzo yelled “ahhhhh!” she knew what she hugged...it was big foot! Shartzo had enough! She then ran back to be were zuse was. “Grandfather oh grandfather! I failed I failed big time!” zuse then said “don’t worry child Aphrodite’s a mortal she will never die!
And till this day Aphrodite remands hidden for nobody to see!

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