Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Greedy Dolphin by Utu

Once there was a greedy dolphin who wanted everything to himself.  The Dolphins name is Sky who lived in a crystal clear ocean that was busy as the governments meetings, who had only one friend named fishy the fish.         

One day some fishermen scooped up all the red juicy jellyfish in the sea and now there was only three red jelly fish left in the sea. While Sky the dolphin took his usual swim he found the three juicy jellyfish and then ate one now there were only two left in the whole sea .When the other dolphins heard the news they came as fast as their tails could take them then gathered around him thinking  the greediest dolphin would ‘SHARE’ with them but  he never did then gulped down the two juicy jellyfish .When the fishermen heard about the problem they felt guilty and started feeding the dolphins every time exceptSKY’ who now lives by himself cause his only friend saw the real him on that day. The problem was never solved and Sky lives by himself retelling ‘Why did I do that’.

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