Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hector the little Penguin by Ben B

“Hector I want one!” “Hector I want one!” “Hector, Hector!!”
Our story begins at a rough, rocky shore in Oamaru where we find Hector the little blue penguin. Hector was an inventor and a good one too. Hector just invented the slingshot.
That’s why everyone was shouting “Hector I want one,” “Hector, Hector!” The only problem was he also was a shy penguin and that was always the problem. He’d been shy all his life.
Everyone was still standing at his hole so he put a big box of slingshots outside his hole and went back underground.
As darkness fell over the beach Hector got very excited. In fact it was the only time of the day he got excited. Then it was dark and Hector snuck out of his hole and had the time of his life. Then dawn broke and Hector knew he had to go back in his hole.
When he got to his hole he saw a small penguin child with a broken toy plane in its wings, it was crying. Then Hector forgot all about his shyness and said gently “I’ll fly it for you.”
“Really?” said the little penguin.
“Yes,” he said and from that day on Hector was never shy again.
So the message of this story is don’t be shy.

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