Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Metaphor Name Poems

Anton is useful
He is a bolt in soccer tackles
He is a super maths calculator
He is a rubber and pencil sharpener supplier
He is a book waiting to be read
He is a case of energy
Anton is everything
By Anton

Laura is random
She is blue gravy poured over orange potatoes
She is a soggy paper clipping out of Santa’s newspaper
She is a white fluffy cloud floating over a hill
She is a dog that eats rabbit and cat food
Laura is creative
By Madaleine

Niveek is dramatic
She is Shortland street
She is a screaming baby
She is thunder and lightning
She is a busy hospital
Niveek is a fire ball
By Niveek

Ardan is geeky
He is a vampire afraid to go outside
He is a bear almost ready to hibernate
He is a PlayStation 3 magazine
He is a pixelated image on a screen
Ardan is nerdy
By Ardan

Joel is intelligent
He is a speedy Ferrari
He is a tray full of awesomeness
He is a calculator
He is a 1E5 maths book and pencil
Joel is brainy
By Joel

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