Sunday, 18 August 2013

Madaleine's Fable

The Lost Little Blue Penguin in Oamaru
A young penguin named Syd was sauntering down the coast of the small town of Oamaru. He wondered if there was anyone like him.
He decided to dive into the deep blue sea. He went out a couple of miles until he came upon a Blue Whale.
Syd asked, “What and who are you?”
He answered, “I’m Maxwell, a Blue Whale, and I can see that you’re a lost penguin.”
Syd sobbed “Yes, I am a penguin that’s lost. I can’t find anyone like me!”
“Follow me,” The Whale replied.
The Whale took him towards South Oamaru, where he soon found a whole colony of penguins, looking for some new friends!
Syd was ecstatic to know there were more penguins, just like him. Then it struck him.
“I like having friends but are you all exactly like me? If you are then I’m not an individual!”
The whole colony replied, “You are yourself because even though we may look alike, we’re still different inside.”
By Madaleine